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Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology
Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology
Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology
Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology
Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology
Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology

Master of Hysteroscopic Surgery in Gynecology

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Modern Hysteroscopy is becoming a routine procedure in daily Gynaecological and infertility practise.

The Era of blind procedures should be stopped and the combined Ultrasonographic and hysteroscopic approach offers a new world to the gynaecologists to deal with abnormal uterine bleeding disorders and to examin the uterine organ for its reproductive capacity.

This Master brings together the most talented hysteroscopic surgeons from all over the globe and they will share with you and provide insight in the newest hysteroscopic approaches.

It also prepares you for the hysteroscopy part of Level 1 and 2 of the GESEA programme
(click here for more information or you may visit this website, www.gesea.eu).

The GESEA certification is mandatory to enter a hands session or apply for a clinical attachment.

Both GESEA certification as a hysteroscopic hands on session are offered at the Endo Dubai, 26th of February, 2023, also the ESGE accredited diploma centres offer continuous possibilities for hands on and certification.

We hope you will enjoy this master who aims to offer every gynaecologists access to safe diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy


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