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Endometriosis & Nerves: Introductory Webinar

Endometriosis & Nerves: Introductory Webinar

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Why attend this Master Course?:

It is very important to develop, teach and train doctors to new techniques so that every patient can access the benefits of laparoscopic surgery. This course will enhance and prepare the surgeons in aspect to manage all the difficult scenarios of endometriosis. At the end of this introductory webinar, a course in "Master In Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis" will be available for participants to register and get a degree of competence in managing endometriosis.


Introductory Online Webinar

  • Endometriosis & Nerves

1 Day (2 hours) Online Webinar - An introductory course to the "Master In Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis" Optional Registration if you will attend the master course


Course Moderator: Pr. Arnaud Wattiez


  • Pr. B. Rabischong (France),
  • Pr. M. Possover (Switzerland)
  • Dr. V. Chiantera (Italy)

Course Dates: July 8, 2021
Time: 19:00 to 21:00 (GMT+4) Dubai Time
Online Platform: Zoom

* Essential Lectures
* Live Interactive Sessions
* Be prepared for the Master Course
* Pathway to Master in Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis
* Certificate of Attendance
* Gathering the best of online education


  1. "Anatomy of the Nerves - Somatic & Autonomic"
  2. "Neurological, Semiology"
  3. "Pain mapping in Endometriosis patient"
  4. Surgical approach of nerve involvement:
    • I. "Approach of the ventral sacral route"
    • II. "Sciatic and pudendal"  


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