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Master in Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis Series
Master in Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis Series
Master in Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis Series

Master in Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis Series

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Series of 10 seasons on managing endometriosis from diagnosis, counselling, treatment and prevention. This master course will be over 6/10 Months of hybrid sessions including lectures, Q&A and live surgeries with clinical attachment ensuring full coverage on tackling patients with endometriosis.

Why attend?:

It is very important to develop, teach and train doctors to new techniques so that every patient can access the benefits of laparoscopic surgery. This course will enhance and prepare the surgeons in aspect to manage all the difficult scenarios of endometriosis. At the end of this course, there will be a certifying exam which is required to get the degree of competence in managing endometriosis.

** Clinical Attachment: Possibility of onsite and OT access, Observation, Clinical Case Discussion & review of the patient case, preparation for exam. This is available in selected regions (UAE, Italy, Brazil etc.) onsite facilities are subject to confirmation.

Requirements – Target Audience:

Practicing OB-GYN physicians, Familiar with basic laparoscopic skills and basic gynecological procedures. as well as residents and fellows, who are interested in training for endometriosis surgery.


  • Season 1 : Who, When & How?
  • Season 2 : Pre-operative Prep & Assessment
  • Season 3: Surgical Environment
  • Season 4: Posterior Compartment
  • Season 5: The Bowel
  • Season 6: The Ureter & Bladder
  • Season 7: Home Sweet Home...
  • Season 8: Further More...
  • Season 9: Fertility in Endometriosis
  • Season 10: The Final Chapter

Time Length:

    6 Months (2 to 4 days with 2 hours each) Hybrid Series

    Course Directors: Pr. Arnaud Wattiez & Dr. Zeinab Hakim


    • Dr. A. Di Giovanni (Italy)
    • Dr. C. Exacuostos (Italy)
    • Pr. J. Keckstein (Austria)
    • Dr. E. Zuppi (Italy)
    • Pr. M. Canis (France)
    • Dr. C. Nezhat (USA)
    • Dr. A. Watrelot (France)
    • Dr. J. Leroy (France)
    • Pr. P. Koninckx (Belgium)
    • Pr. R. Botchorishvili (France)
    • Dr. C. Miller (USA)
    • Dr. L. Schindler (UAE)
    • Dr. M Puga (Chile)
    • Pr. B. Rabischong (France),
    • Dr. H. Ferreira (Portugal)
    • Pr. P. Ayroza (Brazil)
    • Dr. W. Kondo (Brazil)
    • Dr. M. Malzoni (Italy)
    • Dr. H. Gharbi (UAE)
    • Dr. R. Campo (Belgium)
    • Dr. R. Fernandes (Brazil)

    Master Course Launch Date: 
    Time: 14:00 to 16:00 (GMT+4) Dubai Time
    Online Platform: Zoom


    • Essential Lectures with Live Surgery Cases
    • Clinical Attachment if Applicable
    • Live Interactive Sessions (Q&A)
    • Be prepared for clinical application scenarios
    • Degree of competence in managing endometriosis
    • Pathway to Master Surgical Management of Deep Endometriosis
    • Certificate of Attendance with CME Credits
    • Gathering the best of online & onsite education


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