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Certification (MASTER L2)

Certification (MASTER L2)

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 Registration on ENDO Dubai 2021 as "ONSITE" participant is a must. 

The Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (level 2) is a proof of competence showing that the recipient has the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to start basic endoscopic procedures. It is obtained by successfully completing the GESEA Level 2 practical and theoretical exam.

 MIS Academy offers both knowledge and practical skill training to prepare practitioners to participate in the examination and offers GESEA Level 2 Certification sessions on a regular basis. Through its all-encompassing pathway to certification, it guides practitioners to successfully obtain their Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgeon Certificate.

You need to own the Bachelor level to be granted access to Level 2 Winners e-learnings.

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* Bachelor in Endoscopy Certificate (L1) is a must

  1. First, acquire the level 1 Bachelor Certificate before you can apply  for  the next level.
  2.  Provide your certificate as proof that  you have completed the first level upon registration for a second level  certification session.
  3. If you have carried out more than  200 endoscopic interventions as the  first surgeon, you can apply for a bypass to omit the Bachelor    certification. Note that the bachelor  tutorials on the Winners E-Learning platform always have to be  completed prior to receiving access to the MIGS tutorials.

Winners E-Learning MIGS Certificate of Completion - When applying for a level 2 certification, submit your Certificate of Completion together with your application or bring it with you at the certification session.