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GESEA Certification (BACHELOR L1)

GESEA Certification (BACHELOR L1)

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We have a certification schedule on February 26, 2023 during ENDO Dubai 

Registration on ENDO Dubai 2023 as "ONSITE" participant is a must. 

The Bachelor in Endoscopy  (level 1) is a proof of competence showing that the recipient has the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to start training in the Operating Room (OR). It is obtained by successfully completing the GESEA Level 1 practical and theoretical exam.

MIS Academy offers both knowledge and practical skill training to prepare practitioners to participate in the examination and offers GESEA Level 1 Certification sessions on a regular basis. Through its all-encompassing pathway to certification, it guides practitioners to successfully obtain their Bachelor in Endoscopy Certificate.

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E-Learning Bachelor Certificate of Completion

When applying for a level 1 certification, submit your Certificate of Completion together with your application or bring it with you at the certification session.